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Looking for a housekeeping job?

Serving an increasing number of households, the Adele Group is always looking to add new members to its cleanup crew. We are looking for reliable people who have their customers’ satisfaction at heart and take the time to do things right. People who do not stop at cleaning our customers’ homes, but provide them the peace of mind and happiness of a clean house.


The housekeeping industry leader

Our team of professionals takes care of the smallest details, for a high end housekeeping service at a very competitive price.

Since 1994, Adele specializes in domestic housekeeping. Since the company’s foundation, its management team stayed focused on finding and developing the most effective cleaning products and techniques. This ultra-specialization translates through the development of a specific know-how which remains unique across the domestic housekeeping industry.

All our employees are trained according to our housekeeping techniques prior to their first visit to one of our customers’ home.


” For us, what was important was the security and reliability of the service and of course the quality of the work. Its only with Adele that we found all of this!”

M et Mme Georges T., Québec, Qc

 We are extremely satisfied with the service provided to us and in particular the professional approach and quality of the work. I recommend your service. Thank you!

Lise C. (Sherbrooke, Québec)

” I’m so busy that when it comes to housecleaning I run out of time. I tell everyone; Adele is the perfect help for me!”

Huong Lan H. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)


Adele is pleased to announce the opening of another Franchise in Paris, France.

With operations in Paris, France Adele is pursuing its development in Europe and are pleased to announce the opening of another Franchise in Paris. Mrs. Corinne Pont has joined Adele in February 2015 and following her training will soon be operating her franchise servicing the Bobigny, Le Pré St-Gervais, Les Lilas and Pantin region around

Adele is pleased to announce that Alexandro Lopez-Coderre received the very coveted « Maillon D’Or » in the category for young entrepreneurs.

Another successful awards banquet for Adele. Winning the youngest entrepreneur award at the annual Quebec Franchise Association awards ceremony. Adele is pleased to announce that Alexandro Lopez-Coderre received the very coveted « Maillon D’Or » in the category for young entrepreneurs.

Daniel Cousineau, accomplished senior executive within the global franchise industry, acquires one third of Adele Group shares and takes the lead of international development.

The widely acclaimed expertise, vision and creativity of this world-renowned senior executive throughout the franchise industry and the business world spark new dynamism within Adele Group.

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