A turnkey solution

Our team of professionals takes care of the smallest details, for a high end housekeeping service at a very competitive price.

Since 1994, Adele specializes in domestic housekeeping. Since the company’s foundation, its management team stayed focused on finding and developing the most effective cleaning products and techniques. This ultra-specialization translates through the development of a specific know-how which remains unique across the domestic housekeeping industry.

All our employees are trained according to our housekeeping techniques prior to their first visit to one of our customers’ home.

We aim to offer an upscale housekeeping and ironing service, renowned for its reliability constant quality and competitive price. We raise the industry’s standards and bring back the credit deserved by housekeeping professionals.


Je tiens à dire que nous sommes très très satisfaits du Grand Ménage que vous avez effectué chez moi.
Tout a été fait avec beaucoup de soins et de professionnalisme. Je recommanderai vos services à mes amis et connaissance.
Merci encore et à la prochaine!

Lise C. (Sherbrooke, Québec)

Pour nous autres, ce qui est important c’était la sécurité, la fiabilité et du beau travail. C’est juste avec Adèle qu’on a enfin réussi à trouver tout ça.

M et Mme Georges T., Québec, Qc

Awards and Recognitions

Franchise or Master

Following Adele’s franchising vision, our housekeeping services are offered by the franchise owner himself. The Adele School of Service provides the necessary training to ensure that each visit is to your satisfaction.


We’re hiring

Serving an increasing number of households, the Adele Group is always looking to add new members to its cleanup crew. We are looking for reliable people who have their customers’ satisfaction at heart and take the time to do things right. People who do not stop at cleaning our customers’ homes, but provide them the peace of mind and happiness of a clean house.



Adele is pleased to announce that Alexandro Lopez-Coderre received the very coveted « Maillon D’Or » in the category for young entrepreneurs.

Another successful awards banquet for Adele. Winning the youngest entrepreneur award at the annual Quebec Franchise Association awards ceremony. Adele is pleased to announce that Alexandro Lopez-Coderre received the very coveted « Maillon D’Or » in the category for young entrepreneurs. Alexandro Lopez-Coderre is only 26 and already operates multiple Adele Franchises. “I wish to thank my franchisor

Daniel Cousineau, accomplished senior executive within the global franchise industry, acquires one third of Adele Group shares and takes the lead of international development.

The widely acclaimed expertise, vision and creativity of this world-renowned senior executive throughout the franchise industry and the business world spark new dynamism within Adele Group.