Daniel Cousineau, accomplished senior executive within the global franchise industry, acquires one third of Adele Group shares and takes the lead of international development.

12 March 2015

The widely acclaimed expertise, vision and creativity of this world-renowned senior executive throughout the franchise industry and the business world spark new dynamism within Adele Group.

Resolutely engaged on the road to success throughout Quebec, Ontario and France, Adele Group can now count on Daniel Cousineau to lead its international outreach and accelerate its development abroad. Mr. Cousineau teams up with Adele Group as associate and president of Adele International. He joined the company on March 1, 2015.

“First of all, my relationship with Adele started through a happy coincidence. As soon as we made contact, I truly fell in love with the brand and the whole concept of the Adele Group,” confesses the new associate. “I believe that the ‘world’ will quickly discover—as I did—Adele’s exceptional potential and I am firmly committed to sharing this potential with all of America, Europe, and—why not—Asia.” 

Indeed, Daniel Cousineau’s walk matches his talk—he boasts an impressive career of over 25 years in brand and franchise concept development. Whether in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East or Asia, Mr. Cousineau has worn various executive hats and contributed to the growth and success of top businesses, for which his unmatched brand development skills have been praised time and again.

As a preeminent figure in the franchise industry, he also sat as president of St-Hubert Rotisseries, Van Houtte U.S.A., international subsidiaries of Papa John’s and Domino’s Pizza (7,300 restaurants in 72 countries) and as first vice president of Transat. Recipient of many international awards and honours, in 2012 he received the tribute award (“Prix Hommage”) from the Conseil Québécois de la franchise. His new role includes presiding over the launching of the brand and putting his remarkable business acumen to work for Adele Group by contributing to its Canada-wide and global expansion.

“Daniel’s global vision and great acuteness are paired with an exceptional career path which has enabled him to build an excellent, unmatched reputation in the franchise industry that spans across America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia,” comments Mr. Gaétan Migneault, President and Founder of Adele Group. The vice president and co-founder of Adele Group, Mrs. Julie Bergevin, adds, “Daniel will be a pivotal player in our new launching phase.  We are extremely proud and also very happy to welcome such a valuable associate to our team.”